I know for many it can be confusing - is event production just hiring in a lighting and staging company? Do I need a big agency to plan my celebration or should I choose a more personal planning service with an individual event planner I can build a relationship with?

The truth is that event production is so much more than just choosing suppliers and managing timelines. Together with event design it is the consideration and management of every single detail from start to finish. There is a huge amount of skill required to deliver exceptional weddings, parties and events within budget and above expectations.

Whomever you choose to support you in creating an event - no matter what your personal style or requirements are - should be well connected, quick thinking, creative, and process driven. It's a unique ability to be able to combine visual artistry with more practical thinking and limitless boundaries.

If you are going to be hosting your own event, there are some things you will want to keep in mind when looking for a fantastic planner to produce and design the details:

- Guests should be at the heart of all decision making. They should come away feeling like they have been part of an amazing experience.

- The host should feel the same way as guests do, but even better! An event should be a positive reflection of your or your company/brand.

- The design should be led by the environment. A modern minimalist setting will be produced very differently to an old country house.

- There should be an element of "wow" without focusing on quantity over quality. Sometimes that feeling is better executed by creating my tangible effects. All of the senses should be delighted - the texture of the linen is as important at the variety of flower or lighting.

- That tangibility connects back to guest experience. You want the event to be memorable, no matter who the audience is. Memories are created by evoking feelings - and that should be at the heart of every planning project.

- There needs to be an excellent flow throughout - even if you are switching the mood from dinner to dancing, or focused learning to networking - it can't feel awkward. This can be done in many different ways, sometimes a simple adjustment of light or music will suffice.

- Setting the mood and tone of the event starts from the very first contact with your guest. Ensuring that the design plan is coherent from invitation through to the end of the event itself, is absolutely important.

- Ensure you talk about more than a "theme". Event production is far more nuanced and carefully considered than that. Design is in the details, and none should be overlooked.

Jessie Thomson creates exceptional events for private individuals and brands across the UK; working at luxury hotels, event spaces, private houses, and other unique and beautiful spaces.

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