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It is no secret that I am a huge fan of film photography. It has a quality and tangibility that lends itself so well to the intimacy and beauty of a wedding day, and I love how considered each shot within an album is. However so many clients come to me feeling lost as to which photographer they should pick - sometimes nervous of choosing film vs digital. So I thought I'd write up some advice from film photographers here in the UK (most shoot throughout Europe and some world wide). You should also read this article by one of my favourite fine art photographers Katie Julia too, a great round up of reasons to choose film - and this article on Style Me Pretty is another excellent resource.


Sarah Hannam Photography provides natural light, documentary wedding photography services throughout the UK and internationally.

"Film is wonderful for its softness on skin tones, luminosity and delicate colours, so lends itself perfectly to capturing weddings and portraits. Often digital images of a white wedding gown can overexpose and burn out the fine detail, which is not ideal if the bride wants to see that couture gown in all its beauty! Having your wedding shot on film is undoubtedly a luxury high end product, due to the unavoidable base costs, but with flattering tones and a timeless quality, in my opinion it is a wise investment and pretty trend proof, which is an important factor to consider. Clients can also feel reassured that their film photographer really knows their craft and can think on their feet, because there just isn’t the option to quickly view the LCD. Remember not so long ago the thrill of collecting your developed films and walking along the street excitedly looking at the prints? Maybe that’s just me but what is alarming today is that we hardly print off digital files and no longer enjoy the pleasure of holding a real photograph. This is why I always offer a full set of proof prints as well as a USB, so clients actually have a tangible product to keep and look at. I think it is so important to be able to have the physical photographs in your hands, plus sitting down looking through your wedding album in years to come with your children or grandchildren will mean so much more than searching through tens of thousands of files on your computer. After all the festivities are over, the only thing left you have of your wedding day are the photographs."


Devon based beautiful fine art wedding photography and family portraits.

"I just adore film photography. The flattering skin tones, the use of natural light and the amazing palette of colours that film delivers are just simply stunning. When I look at images captured on film they remind me of impressionist paintings by great masters such as Claude Monet. The depth of colour is incredible. As a photographer I have to carefully compose each shot and I am more selective with what I photograph. I also have to think carefully about my camera settings to obtain correct exposure, so I am constantly learning and improving my own skills by using film."


London based fine art photographer specialising in beautiful artistic wedding & lifestyle portrait photography.

"Film has a softer focus and a less then perfect quality that many people are growing to love or/and appreciate. I adore the colour, dynamic range, grain and little imperfection film gives to my photographs. By using film I can create a soft romantic look to my work. I think being a film photographer has made me more aware and pushed me creatively, as well as giving me new perspective as a wedding photographer. I personally feel a better photographer by incorporating film into my workflow."

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