Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and whilst my clients tastes will all vary, most couples do come to me because we share a similar design aesthetic. My brides and grooms will almost always ask me to help them plan and design a wedding that is elegant, feminine, timeless and personal to them.

Few people realise how hard it is to actually achieve that look perfectly, the styling is subtle yet stands out, and the success of it all comes down to effectively communicating a coherent design scheme with absolutely the right vendors selected to make it happen.

Hiring a talented and experienced wedding planner is of course a luxury, and the organisation behind the event is what helps take visuals to the next level so that all the senses are delighted. Guests should be wowed by the decor, but they should also feel relaxed, enjoy a carefully curated and delicious menu of food and drink, connect scent to their memories, dance like no one is watching and come away with an overwhelming sense of joy.

Whilst it is true that such a wedding often comes at great expense, for me personally the overwhelming mark of any luxury event should always be one of beauty, of understated elegance and the highest standards of comfort. It’s the experience that counts, especially on your wedding day, which is ultimately a reflection and celebration of your love for one another. It’s not about having the biggest floral arrangements imaginable, it’s about creating floral displays that play the perfect part of a journey that you and your guests will travel.

For me the word “luxury” should be associated with quality, craftsmanship, subtlety, detail, originality, timelessness. It’s also so much about incredible service and the highest of standards. It’s ultimately about how something makes you feel.

Here in the UK there are some incredibly passionate artists emerging whom are leading the way in the modern luxury wedding world (see also, the "fine art wedding" trend) – from styled shoots to real weddings and other sweet life celebrations – which I hope will truly inspire the stylish bride and groom looking to create magical memories for their own day.



Image via Holly & Richard's marquee and church wedding in Cheshire

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