Jessie Thomson | Luxury Wedding Planner | London & Cotswolds


When searching for a wedding or event planner I think it's so important to find someone that you relate to, whom you know you'll have fun with and that you can trust completely throughout both the planning and design stages. I care deeply about the artistic process behind each event, as much as I do about ensuring the details are well organised and expertly managed from the start. One of my greatest accomplishments is that I have formed such wonderful long lasting friendships with all of my clients, freelancers and vendors over the years.
I am constantly inspired by life, nature, art, fashion, interiors…. it’s so important that I maintain my creativity by investing my time in enjoying those things. For me, the best event design plans are always those that don’t fight the setting or try too hard to follow trends. Instead they focus on the quality of each individual element so that it comes together beautifully and entices all of the senses for the guests - with exceptional planning and logistics behind the scenes so that the day flows beautifully and there is time to experience each moment.
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